About us

Experience and knowledge of working with a wide range of service user groups within adult social care and an expertise in writing detailed and accurate assessments in order to capture needs and access appropriate services.

Experience in advocating for Service Users and their Carers whilst also passing on relevant information and knowledge to enable them to become more empowered and advocate for themselves.

If you have any questions about how the service may be able to help you, then please get in touch via the Contact page

As the director of Honest Independent Social Work Limited (HISW), I have been a qualified social worker since 2002 and worked with a variety of client groups across adult
social care.

This includes, people with learning needs, Autism, physical disabilities, mental health difficulties and older People.

I am also a qualified Best Interest Assessor with good understanding of the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act.

The approach at HISW is to help people identify the outcomes they wish to achieve and empower them to achieve these outcomes.

Advocacy in social work is a large part of the work and providing short term work to enable people to understand what they are entitled to, to support them through leading their own safeguarding enquiries, creative support planning in line with the Personalisation agenda.

The ethos is to empower people to then be able to coordinate their own care, feel confident about achieving their goals and organising their lives in a way that gives them a sense of wellbeing.

Jo Booty
Honest Independent Social Work